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Knight Frank become an AbilityRE Strategic Partner

AbilityRE is delighted to announce Knight Frank has signed up to become a Strategic Partner.

We will collaborate with Knight Frank to drive its Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion [DEI] objectives, relating to Disability, Neurodiversity, Mental ill-health, or long-term health conditions, as well as create a support network for Knight Frank employees who are directly impacted or who are parents, carers, colleagues, or friends of those directly affected.

Knight Frank’s input will also support AbilityRE’s work driving inclusion and awareness across the Real Estate and Built Environment sectors as a whole and Knight Frank personnel will form part of the AbilityRE Steering Committee informing the strategic direction of our organization. We are very excited to be working with Knight Frank and to see what we can achieve together.

Vanessa Curtis, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of AbilityRE said "AbilityRE is delighted Knight Frank has agreed to become a Strategic Partner. Knight Frank’s partnership demonstrates their commitment to driving inclusion for people with a Disability, Neurodiversity, Mental ill-health, or long-term health condition within their organization and to supporting AbilityRE with our objective of making the Real Estate and Built Environment sectors more inclusive. We are excited to see what our partnership will deliver over the coming years.

Kate Everett-Allen, Chair of Knight Frank's Disability subgroup said: “We are excited to become a corporate partner of AbilityRE with the shared objective of helping to make the real estate industry a more inclusive environment for people of all abilities.

We want to be part of the conversation advocating for change and sharing best practices amongst those working within the built environment. Our goal is to help increase opportunities and support for those with a disability, neurodiversity, mental ill-health, or long-term health conditions within the industry.”

The AbilityRE team is delighted to have Knight Frank on board.

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