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Powerful Stories of Resilience...

Exciting News from Ability RE!

🌟 New Podcast Episode Alert from Ability RE!


Join Emma Jackson as she hosts a profoundly inspiring episode of the "Living With" series, featuring Claire Lawson, head of procurement at Merlin Entertainment. 🎧

👉 Listen as they share powerful stories of resilience, the impact of the #Macmillan cancer buddy system, and the steps that Claire has recently taken in creating a groundbreaking supportive cancer care community group at her company. 🤝

Feeling inspired? 😊

Think a cancer care community group could benefit your company?

We want to hear from you! Contact Ability RE to discuss how you can start a group in your company.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference. Let’s transform compassion into action. #CancerCare #CommunitySupport #AbilityRE #EmpathyInAction #WorkplaceWellness #MacMillan, #PennyBrohn

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