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Our Work


We host a whole range of exciting events throughout the year.  Don't miss out - check out what's coming soon before they are sold out!


Our Podcast Series is a series of short, user-friendly awareness snippets, bringing to you the human side of disability, and some things our speakers wish you all knew...


Our lunch time webinar series are short , informal awareness sessions hosted by some of our fantastic colleagues and friends.  Check them out here...


We can deliver awareness training sessions for your internal team. 


Our ever-expanding resources page is a mixture of our own best practice tools and templates, alongside links to some great information from other organisations we have worked with.

Under Construction!!

Industry Charter

One of our longer-term objectives is to create an industry charter, to drive continuous improvement in the inclusivity of the Real Estate and Built Environment Sectors for people with disability, neurodiversity, mental ill-health or a long-term health condition.

Coming Soon
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