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Exciting Speaker Announcement!

We are so excited to announce that Charlotte Valeur is going to be speaking at our International Day of People with Disabilities Event at RICS HQ on Thursday 1st Dec!

Charlotte is an investment banker and seasoned FTSE Chair, Non Executive Director and governance expert with a wealth of board experience across different sectors. She is a Professor in governance and leadership, an author and public speaker in corporate governance, leadership, equality & diversity.

A lifelong human rights advocate, Charlotte is driven to play her part in creating an inclusive society; she advocates for equality and inclusion for all, working at the intersection of Government, Industry, Academia and the Third Sector. She founded and chair Board Apprentice and the global Institute of Neurodiversity, ION. Charlotte is Autistic and will talk about the differences between Autistic and neurotypical people, the challenges this presents at work, and the benefits it can bring to the individual and the organization. Charlotte will tell us why she has been inspired to set up ION and why Neurodiversity inclusion within the Real Estate and Built Environment Sectors is a must.

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