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Announcing AbilityRE’s Work & Wellness Document!

AbilityRE are delighted to announce the formal launch of its Work & Wellness Document. The document aims to support individuals in the Real Estate and Built Environment Sector.

The Work & Wellness Document (formerly Work & Wellness Passport) is to allow you to detail the support needs, accommodations, and/or adjustments that would help you to achieve your full potential, as well as note any preferred working or communication styles.

This document is designed to be used by anyone who feels that they may need, or would benefit from, some additional support at work. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • A person with an impairment, disability, neurodiversity, mental health condition, or long-term health condition.

  • A person who is pregnant, breast-feeding, or has parental or caring responsibilities

  • A person who observes religious festivals or daily prayers

  • A person who is undergoing ongoing medical treatment

The document can be initiated by the individual or the employer but is owned by the individual.

It can be taken between teams internally or to new employers but there is no obligation on an individual to do so. Likewise, there is no obligation on an individual to disclose any information about diagnoses or medical conditions.

A full FAQ for individuals and Guidance Note for employers is contained within the document.

AbilityRE hopes that this document can be used to support any individual across the Real Estate and Built Environment industry whose organization does not have a formal template for documenting adjustments etc.

Why not a passport?

“Adjustments Passport” is a common term these days, and indeed, at the outset of the development journey of this Work & Wellness Document, AbilityRE also intended to produce a ‘Passport’ for wider industry use. However, we have been advised that many individuals do not like the term ‘Passport’ as a passport is a document that makes you accepted or welcome into a place where you otherwise would not be... not very inclusive! And so the AbilityRE Work & Wellness Document was born!

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